The truth behind natural soap...and why it doesn't dry out the skin

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Let me guess, every time you use store bought soap your skin feels tight and dry? Well, that's because commercial soap has the moisturizing elements extracted (glycerin) rather than left in the bar, plus they add chemicals for longevity and scent retention that tend to dry out skin - specially for sensitive skin types. Why does handmade soap make your skin feel better - you guessed it, our process keeps all those moisturizers in the final bar.

Industrial soap flowchart
Commercial soap manufacturing

Commercial soap production involves four steps: saponification, glycerin removal, soap purification and finishing. Mainly, four basic raw materials are involved in the manufacture of soap.
1) Oils and fats
2) Soda lye or potash lye
3) Brine (for glycerin recovery)
4) Additives (sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, dyes, perfumes, etc.) as secondary products.

Not only does the process itself remove a very important part of the moisturizing elements of soap - glycerin - but it also includes additives which will further hurt your skin.

This is in the best of cases. 

A lot of the soap you see commercially is not even soap but detergent, meaning that the product is not the result of a chemical reaction between oils and lye - it's just a chemical compound that is man made to clean and make bubbles.

Handmade soap step by step
Handmade soap creation

When creating a handmade bar of soap, all ingredients are chosen for a specific goal - to make your skin feel amazing after use.

For this reason, we soapmakers choose high quality oils and butters and often times include natural additives, such as goat milk, to make a great bar even better.

Our process is a simple controlled chemical reaction which results in a sudsy creation that cleanses yet doesn't dry out your skin. We don't include chemical additives that may cause trouble on your skin and we are very careful about which fragrances and colors to use as well.

So next time you are shopping for soap, make the best decision for your skin and purchase a handmade bar.