Fresh or Floral: Which do you prefer?


Image of two sets of bar soap scents

When you're looking for a nice bath or shower experience, it all comes down to how the soap makes you feel. How it feels on your skin is important, but I believe that scent is equally important. After all, you wouldn't shower with a bar of soap that didn't smell nice, right?

This week we wanted to showcase our two most popular scent categories: the fresh scents and the floral scents.

Fresh Scents

Picture of 5 fresh scented soaps

The fresh scent family encompasses clean bright scents. Herby, citrusy and oceanic scents all fall into this category. More often used in men’s fragrances than women’s fragrances, fresh scents are paired with spicy notes to create a more robust fragrance. Aromatic, tart notes can also be found mixed with zesty or fruity scents.


Aromatic: Clean and fresh herbs mixed with lavender or woody scents.
Citrus: Zesty or tangy notes like mandarins or bergamot.
Water: Aquatic scents that smell of sea spray or rain mixed with or oceanic notes.
Green: Smells of freshly mowed lawns and crushed green leaves.

Common Fresh Family Notes:


Floral Scents
Picture of 4 floral scented soaps

The floral scent family is one of the most common families and are used in many well-known perfumes. Floral scents are most often used in women’s fragrances, although they are occasionally used in men’s as well. They usually smell like fresh-cut flowers or have a powdery note to them. Floral scents are perfect for the spring and summertime.


Fruity: Sweet, edible and tropical like peach, pear and apple.
Floral: Smells like fresh-cut flowers — imagine rose and lily.
Soft floral: Soft, powdery and sweet with a hint of creamy.
Floral oriental: Florals with subtle spice notes.

Common Floral Family Notes:

Orange blossom

Which scent family is the one you usually go for?

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Blooming Tree Soaps offers the following options from both scent families for you to choose from: