The book that started it all…and the books that followed

Many moons ago my dad and I went to a weekend course on soaping with native medicinal plants...and by many moons ago I mean maaaaaany (1997). We later acquired this book and it just developed into an obsession.
Now anyone that's worked with lye knows that liquid soap comes to trace very slowly and it's quite finicky. So even though this book is amazing it was really out of my league as a beginner soapmaker. So I invested in this one:

Let me tell's the best beginner book out there! I learned so much! Not only the recipes, but the why of everything soap. If you're a beginner soaper, you have got to get this book! I actually still have it and refer back to it often ❤

Like every other soaper out there, I then obsessed about making my own clear soap. Having the Failor book, I knew she had one on just this subject so you know...I had to get it!

It was a hit! Easy to follow instructions and great results 👌

Over the years I managed to collect many other books in subjects like aromatherapy, natural remedies, native healing plants and everything I could incorporate to this passion of mine.

As to the first book...I still have it and refer back to it's just so well written and the recipes in it are just 👀

What's in your library?


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