Easter already? What inspired our newest bath bomb collection

Yup, we're working on Easter items. In our world, we need to think about Holiday releases far ahead of the actual date so that 1) the product has time to cure if needed, and 2) you can have it on hand for the actual date.

For this year's Easter release, we took inspiration from the amazing Free Color Palettes. If you haven't visited her instagram, you totally should....so many colors combos!!! 

I guess Valentine's was still on our mind, or it was just a craving for sugar...I don't know! But the fact is this color palette tugged at my strings. 

Purple and pink are by far my favorite colors of all time, and the other ones just look so pretty. Since my plan is to sell the eggs by half dozen, I needed six colors, so I just threw in the yellow. It matched perfectly!

I was itching to try the Easter bath bomb molds, I've had them for a couple of weeks but I'm not one to do batches of products just because. So I patiently waited... and I finally had a chance to make Easter eggs and Peeps!

We will have the peeps for individual sale...or if you buy 6 you get a discount (hint hint). Eggs will be sold in half dozen cartons or resealable bags (still not 100% on this). Look out for them on our next market! 

Don't know when our next market is going to take place? Check out our calendar here...you can totally save the dates to your own so you don't forget!

What do you think of the colors? Did I do my inspo justice?