Skin Care News

I wanted to share some very interesting finds in the news these past few weeks. Have you ever tried a baking soda face wash...or a Vitamin C treatment? Let me know in the comments!

Palm oil deforestation picture
A palm oil boycott might seem a good thing but it could spell environmental disaster. Here’s how avoiding palm oil in soap making could cause deforestation

Picture of a bottle of Vitamin C serum A Redditor Says This $11 Vitamin C Serum Cleared Up Their Year-Old Scar
Vitamin C is one of those ingredients that, much like retinoids, caters to myriad skin-care concerns, including sun damage, fine lines, rough texture, and stubborn scars.

Oriental lady putting on makeup in front of a mirror The 7 sneaky skincare ingredients that dermatologists want you to be wary of using
Dermatologists point out that there are still many sneaky, and potentially harmful, skincare ingredients lingering in your go-to beauty products.

Side by side comparison of face before and after treatment I Smeared Baking Soda On My Face Every Night For A Week. Here’s How My Skin Looked 7 Days Later
Baking soda is an incredible ingredient. We all have it sitting in our cabinets for when we want to clean or cook with it, but baking soda actually has a ton of other uses as well.