Part 5: All skin issues will be resolved | Artisanal Soap: Expectations vs Reality

Blog post image regarding medical claims on artisanal soaps

Wow…talk about pressure!

Yes, artisanal soap is so much better for the skin than syndet bars….buuuut it's not a cure all, and it's not for everyone.

Let's talk allergies. I am personally allergic to synthetic detergents. Several of the compounds used either make me itch, breakout, feel needles through my body, get red spots or scaly skin. Fun, right? So one would assume that more natural occurring products like oils and butters are ok for everyone. 

Sadly that's not the case. Some people are deadly allergic to coconut oil, one of the most commonly used oils for artisanal soap (used for bubbles). And the same can be said for every single one of the oils and butters that can be used to produce soap. The point I'm trying to make here is that skin is different for everyone, what works for someone might not work for another person. You just have to figure it out by trying.

As to the people that advertise their soap as good for eczema, acne or other myriad of skin issues, please ask them for the lab results on their products. Chances are they are not tested products so therefore not 100% assurance they will work. (They are also violating FDA ordinances - no bueno)