Part 3: Fragrance has to be noticeable | Expectations vs Reality

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Most of us love a nicely fragranced bar of soap. Artisanal soaps are no different.

Soapmakers use delicious fragrances and even essential oils to deliver that nice punch of fragrance.

Though you may notice that the fragrance in artisanal soap may not be quite as strong as syndet bars. This is because of usage rates in the fragrances and the actual chemical process soap goes through.

Artisanal soapmakers adhere strictly to usage rates, which can vary from 0.1% to 5%. Usage rates in syndet bars and fragrance potency are different, contributing again to feeling your skin dry after a bath or shower.

In addition to usage rates, the majority of artisanal soap goes through a gel phase, in which the soap reaches high temperatures and burns off some of the fragrance - a process which syndet bars do not go through. This is why you may notice that artisanal soap is less pungent than syndet bars. And since there is no way to control how much fragrance is evaporated, we cannot risk putting in more than recommended by the usage rate to compensate.

What's your preference? I'd love to hear from you!
     a) very fragrant, hit you between the eyes, type of soap
     b) mild fragrance in a soap that makes your skin feel wonderful