Part 4: Bar soap has to last in the shower | Expectations vs Reality

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Yes, absolutely! No sense in using a product that is once and done when you're expecting it to last a couple of weeks at the minimum.

Again, the difference between synthetic detergents and artisanal soap lies in the process used to make the bars.

Syndet soap bars usually starts very much the same way as artisanal soap. Oil + lye, but that's where the similarities end. The end product goes through a machine that strips it of glycerin and other skin loving ingredients. Then synthetic compounds are added to improve bubbles, fragrance retention, durability, etc while lowering costs. The product is grated, dried in an oven and then compacted into a bar. This whole process completely strips the bar of moisturizing agents.

Why are these important? Well, it's what makes your skin feel soft after using soap. Why do they strip them from the bar? They sell them separately (more income) but most importantly, not having these moisturizing agents makes the bar last longer!

Artisanal soap keeps all the glycerin that is produced during the chemical process. This results in your skin feeling good after using the soap but it also puts the soap at risk of attracting too much moisture and becoming a goopy mess that lasts less than a week in the shower. Also, the combination of oils used to prepare an artisanal bar of soap influences just how much it will ultimately last. Again, it's a juggling act between bubbles, conditioning agents, moisturizing and cleansing properties, and durability. Depending on the soap's goal, one of these has to cede.


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