Part 2: Soap has to be bubbly - Expectations vs Reality

Blog image referring to the lather properties of artisanal soap

For sure! No bubbles no fun, right?

Though the fact is that syndet soap tends to be more bubbly than artisanal soap. I know - I have to admit it.

We as soapmakers strive to mix the right proportion of oils to create a bubbly bar, but sadly the same oils that produce lovely bubbles tend to dry out the skin. So we are left trying to juggle max lather with max skin conditioning. I don't know about you, but I prefer to sacrifice a little bit of bubbles for skin that feels soft and supple - not cardboard, dry as a desert, skin.

So why are syndet bars so bubbly? Well, synthetic detergent bars have a lot of additives, many of them focus on maximizing lather. So yes, they create amazing bubbles, but like for artisanal soap, those additives dry out your a big "boo" to that.

What about you guys...are bubbles one of your top priorities in choosing soap?