You use it on your face, why not your lips? A step by step guide to lip scrubs

So you have a good beauty regime, and at least once a week give your face a good exfoliation - usually a scrub of some sort followed by a good moisturizing cream. That's awesome! But did you know your lips could benefit from the same love you give your face? Why not make them more kissable?

Let's start at the beginning: what is a lip scrub?

Well, a lip scrub is a semi-liquid or other soft-solid base containing particles that slough off dry, flaky pieces and leave smooth skin behind

Why should you scrub your lips?

Properly exfoliated lips better absorb moisturizing agents and protectants such as lip balm. It also helps renovate your skin cells and provide a good massage to get your blood moving to this key area of the body.

When is the best time to scrub your lips?

I like to apply my lip scrub at night, that way I apply a thick layer of lip balm (like Chai Spice) and off to sleep. No biting my lips (nasty habit) or sucking on them when I'm in deep thought (yeah - I do that too).

Another time I like to exfoliate my lips is when I'm going to wear a really red lip color, I like to exfoliate before to make sure it doesn't bleed all over the place and when I remove the red color I don't have any residue.

Who should scrub their lips?

Are your lips dry? Scrub them. Are they not dry? Scrub them anyways. Once a week is the magic number for me, yours could be more or less. But anyone can scrub their lips, specially with the special recipe below - all natural lip goodness.

Where is the best place to scrub your lips?

Since you will be using a product that contains small particles that will inevitably fall, i.e. sugar, the best place to use your scrub is in your bathroom sink, preferably in front of the mirror to actually be able to see what you are doing and where you're scrubbing. That way when the sugar falls, just run the water and cleanup will be a breeze! You'll also need to rinse the product off, so sink is the best bet.

How should you scrub your lips?

  1. Wet your lips - wetting them prevents abrasive friction
  2. Apply your lip scrub directly onto damp lips -  use short, light strokes if applying with a brush or sponge
  3. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises using small, circular finger motions for about 30 seconds
  4. Rinse off with lukewarm water
  5. Apply a generous amount of lip balm, like this one
Exfoliating with a lip scrub is good for softening and smoothing lips before applying lipstick, or when your lips are dry and peeling from cold wind or prolonged sun exposure. Avoid using them if your lips have any open cuts, or if they’re sunburned or raw. In general, be gentle and exfoliate as needed (i.e. if your lips are visibly flaky), as overdoing it can cause unwanted irritation.

After you're done exfoliating / scrubbing, apply a healthy amount of lip balm to thoroughly moisturize your amazing lips. Even though the recipe below contains moisturizing agents, you're rinsing it away, so it's better to add another layer on. Even better if it's something so yummy tasting as our own Blooming Tree lip balm.

And now, for the very anticipated lip scrub recipe. This one is from Brambleberry and it's called the Floral Sugar Lip Scrub (you can find the recipe here and also shop for the ingredients needed)

What You’ll Need:
About 15 Clear Lip Balm Pots
1.5 oz. Coconut Oil
0.5 oz. Cocoa Butter
0.3 oz. Rosehip Seed Oil
1 mL Passionfruit Rose Fragrance and Flavor Oil
1/4 tsp. Rose Gold Mica
4.5 oz. Granulated Sugar

Click this link for the full instruction on Brambleberry's website!

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