Bar vs liquid - who shall be victorious

Today I bring you another contentious subject... Bar soap or liquid soap

I am a full blown bar person. I like being able to lather up with nothing but my hands. Yes, I use a puff every now and them, or a nice handmade washcloth, but I mainly like my own hands. Why? I swim 3 times a week, I just can't carry a lot of stuff around annnddd I am likely to forget it anyways. Plus, I can't stop thinking they're a bug hotel :/

Having said that, I realize that people tend to like liquid soap better than bar soap - the general idea is that bar soap IS a bug hotel - which is totally NOT TRUE, the pH in lye soap, like the one we make here at Blooming Tree Soaps, does not allow for microbes to flourish making it completely bug free :)

I've rounded up some pros and cons of both products but would love your opinion - let me know where you stand on this very important subject!