What's in your skin care products?

Have you ever stopped and looked at the ingredients listed in any of your beauty/skin care products? Can you even read them? Most of us go for the benefits of the product but are not really knowledgeable about what really goes "in the pot" so to speak.

I've mentioned that the reason for me starting making my own products was a problem with allergies. Allergies to the ingredients which, after investigating, noticed were PETROLEUM derivatives or other harsh chemicals. Read that again....PETROLEUM derivatives - yes, the stuff you put in your car to make it go.

So, what are they? You may ask. These derivatives are usually called one of the following:

Image showing a list of petroleum derivatives usually found in skin care products

Surprised to see one or more in your beauty products? Don't be! Most of the product offering out there have at least one of these...and an alarming 22% of personal care products contain UNSAFE levels of these ingredient's contaminants (like 1,4-dioxane) - and, to make matters worse, readily penetrate the skin. Source

Why does the cosmetic industry use them so much then? Good question. The answer is that they're cheap. Yup, it's all down to the $$$. It's cheaper to buy these gasoline by-products than to pay for the more expensive natural butters and oils.

Does Blooming Tree Soaps use any of these? That's a resounding NO! We care about our skin, and we care about your skin - we do not use any of the items listed above, we don't cut corners, we 💖 natural ingredients.

Stay safe peeps!