Are you really washing it off? The EO debate

Image showing a lavender flower and a bottle of fragrance asking which side of the debate you are on
Essential Oils, everybody loves them. We all have an aunt/sister/acquaintance that sells them. But are they really effective in wash off products?

Lets face it, when you use soap it gets washed off within the next 5 minutes. Many people debate that using an essential oil is a waste since it doesn't have enough time to be effective. Some other people debate that even if it's for a little while, at least your are not coming in contact with chemical compounds. Which side is right? We think BOTH! (don't tell my auntie though)

Here at Blooming Tree Soaps we are conscious of this debate and provide soaps that are made with essential oils and those in which we use phthalate free fragrances. 

For the essential oil side of the camp, we use high quality cosmetic grade essential oils, I wish we could use the really expensive ones, but for now we are sticking with the most readily available. Why do we use them? We can't really test the therapeutic benefits of using EOs in soap or if just those 5 minutes affect in any way - but better safe than sorry right?

For the ones cheering for fragrances, we use only very high quality fragrances which are guaranteed not to have any of the nasty chemicals, yet smell absolutely amazing! I mean, who doesn't want to bathe with a bar of soap that smells like Japanese Pear, something that sadly cannot be achieved by combining essential oils (sorry auntie).

So, no matter which side of the debate you sit in, we have a product for you. Try us out, don't be shy! Visit our shop now!