Welcome to Blooming Tree Soaps!

Blooming Tree Owner Irene
This is me!
Blooming Tree Soaps is a family owned and operated artisanal soap and body products company.

Our journey started 10 years ago when we couldn't find a commercial solution for our skin problems. As with many things, it just started out for personal use, then our friends wanted to try them and finally it just naturally evolved into a small business.

BTSoaps has since moved to the Houston area and are working on bringing you the best, most skin loving products. Infused with botanicals and just enough essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances to create luxurious soap bars, lip balms and body lotions that do not dry out your skin nor make you break out.

We don't ever
* test on animals
* use petroleum derived oils or additives
* use phthalate, sulfates or silicone derivates
* use chemical colorants

So thank you for stopping by and hope you'll stick with us on our journey!


Stack of Blooming Tree Soaps